Lifting over a modular building over the gate house at Bodmin Jail.


There were many  complications which included overhead power cables, telecom line, poor ground and the need to block the footpath. The key objective, however, was to keep the road at least partially open as it was the only access to a large housing estate.


Although we could have supplied a large enough crane to lift the unit directly into its final position this would have closed the road due to its dimensions. Therefore we opted to supply a crane that would lift the unit into the court yard and from there it could be skated into position on machine skates. This enabled us to use a smaller crane with variable outrigger positions to keep the road open.

The crane we used was a Grove GMK4100L-1 with 45.8m main boom, 26.2t counterweight and variable outrigger positions.

Lifting in and positioning of machinery at Exeter Science park for Exeter university.


Exeter University had a new machine that needed lifting into a new building and lowering into a pit. The machine had two sections to the base both weighing around 2.5t per section.

SOLUTION With very limited headroom and with the radius involved to allow the crane to stand off the building far enough to slew the machine into the opening, the Liebherr LTM1040 was the perfect crane. Along with a specially designed lifting frame to keep head height to a minimum, the job went smoothly.